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  3. Triggering Landslides with Seismic Vibrations

Triggering Landslides with Seismic Vibrations

  • Автор: Besedina A.N., Pavlov D.V., Sharafiev Z.Z.
  • Издательство: Processes in GeoMedia—Volume IV. Springer Geology

  Considered is triggering landslides with seismic vibrations produced by earthquakes and explosions. Laboratory investigations have been performed of the effect of impulsive actions on slopes at a vertical and a horizontal impact set-ups designed and constructed in IDG RAS. The ultimate parameters of dynamic effects obtained in laboratory have been compared to the critical accelerations estimated on the basis of the quasi-static approach. Estimations of critical parameters of the effects of earthquakes of various magnitudes have been also performed. The results show that the minimal peak acceleration that could trigger a landslide noticeably exceeds the estimate of critical acceleration that uses the static coefficient of stability. The critical Newmark's displacements under the action of seismic vibrations of earthquakes can be reached in the case when the maximal acceleration exceeds 5–10 times the critical acceleration calculated using the quasi-static approach.

Besedina A.N., Pavlov D.V., Sharafiev Z.Z. (2022). Triggering Landslides with Seismic Vibrations. In: Chaplina, T. (eds) Processes in GeoMedia—Volume IV. Springer Geology. Springer, Cham.